Vaken Decaf – 500g


Vaken:(Swedish) meaning awake. 

We don’t mean to blow our own trumpets, but our Vaken decaffeinated coffee is so good we think you’ll be hard pressed to notice it’s lacking the caffeine. Three Colombian beans grown in the town of Caldono are blended to produce Vaken – Castillo, Colombia, and Caturra. For any budding science buffs, the beans are decaffeinated using the Ethyl Acetate method – a natural by-product of fermented sugar cane.

Used in an espresso machine, Vaken has a deep and rich, gooey toffee flavour. When brewed in a cafetiere (or any similar filter method) the fruity, cherry notes spring to the fore. Whether you are already a decaf convert or are ready to test ditching caffeine – give Vaken a try. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Tasting Notes:

Dark cherry, with deep, chewy treacle and toffee notes.


Available in 500g bags – Wholebean only



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